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Posted on 13 June 2016

Does your favourite workout sizzle or sputter? Read on to find out!

Unlike fads, fitness trends are ‘movements’ which are here to stay, because they have truly benefitted people, bringing about solid results that won’t revert the moment you turn around to leave the gym. Heck, some of them don’t even need a gym!

  1. Functional Fitness

Often, even people who think they’re fit, suffer from aches, pains and fatigue while going about their daily routines. Busy mothers with little downtime will feel a shooting pain while reaching up, climbing stairs, of lifting kids or the groceries. Join a nearby Functional Fitness program to reduce fatigue, improve moods, and recuperating from injuries faster. Functional fitness is not concerned with building the perfect beach bod, unless that is a side effect of functional competence. Functional fitness has a good reason for its popularity – it prepares us for life – something that many other fitness programs cannot claim to do. Naturally, it has a much wider scope!

It’s not just for the major visible muscles like abs, glutes. It also exercises the smaller stabilizer muscles that lend balance and mobility to your body. Functional fitness emphasizes working several areas of the body at once to improve flexibility, range of motion, balance, joint alignment and proprioception (the body’s awareness of where it’s at). Standing exercises and resistance exercises build bone density and address osteoporosis.

  1. High Intensity Interval Training

Opt for a bout of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on days when you can’t devote a full hour at the gym! Intervals of chest-bursting exercise alternating with gaps of lower activity to allow you to recuperate, will have you panting in half an hour. High energy HIIT has been proven to burn the most calories in the shortest span of time, increase basal metabolic rate, and make you younger both inside and out. It helps build solid muscle fast, and thus torches body fat even while you are at rest. A variety of exercise regimens will keep you challenged over time and make sure you never get bored. No equipment required! These time saving, full body exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. Ready for your Tabata session?

  1. Fitness Programs for Older Adults

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, we find that the gym is no longer a place limited to the below-fifty crowd – the young at heart are also welcome! No more content to live a life of bored retirement, financially secure older people are now a major consumer of fitness programs and fitness related research. A variety of age-appropriate fitness programs catering to the needs of the older generation have popped up round the world.

For older people, exercise improves mobility and strength, increases bone density (goodbye osteoporosis and brittle bones!), slows down the ageing process, and even helps recuperate from injuries or illnesses. Yoga classes for seniors enrich the mind-body connection and help in beating stress, deepening sleep and improving moods.

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