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Posted on 30 April 2016

Barre fitness classes are all the rage these days, but why? The founder of House of Barre asked herself the same question, but after taking the first class she found out the answer very quickly: barre provides a seriously fun and intense workout that will have you hooked!


What is Barre Fitness?

If you peek into a barre fitness class, it may initially look like ballet class with graceful moves, vast plies, and cute outfits! Don’t be fooled though; while barre fitness does pull a lot of its inspiration from the foundations of ballet class, it is so much more. Barre really mixes elements of ballet, pilates, yoga, and functional training, using the wall-mounted barre and light weights to give you a serious burn and increased muscle tone in just one short class.


What Makes Barre Fitness Different?

Barre fitness has some serious benefits over other types of fitness classes and exercise regimens:

  • Work muscles, not joints. The minimal movements and isometric holds of barre method will give you a shaking burn that you wouldn’t think possible from such a small range. These gentle movements will preserve your joints, making barre an ideal workout for people who have experienced joint issues in the past and for those who hope to avoid joint damage in the future. There are also a bevy of modifications for those who may need them.
  • Head to toe workout. Each barre class will truly give you a full body workout, starting with arms, working through legs and seat, and finishing with a killer core workout! It is not for the faint of heart, but will deliver serious results in a very short time and tends to be pretty addicting!
  • Increased flexibility. Not only will you get a great muscular workout, but because barre focuses on creating long, lean musculature there is a big focus on stretching and flexibility as well.
  • Fun! Barre method is set to a great range of music and can feel more like a dance party than a serious workout. There’s also a great focus on fun, fashionable activewear that makes getting dressed for class make you feel just as good as you will walking out!


What Should I Expect at My First Class?

It can be nerve-wracking trying something new for the first time. Don’t worry – barre fitness is a welcoming community and we’re accepting new members all the time!


For your first class, try to show up about 15 minutes early to fill out any pre-disclosure paperwork, where you will be asked to sign a medical liability waiver and disclose any pre-existing injuries or conditions. This will help your instructor to discreetly provide you with modifications that suit your needs. Your instructor will then help familiarize you with any equipment that will be used during your class.


Something else that we’ve found makes us feel extra-confident when we try something new: dressing the part. The barre fitness community is a fashionable bunch; we love the way that a great pair of slimming yoga pants or a long-line tank makes us feel during our workout! Choosing a new outfit for your first class may make all the difference in your confidence and motivation level.


To find the most on-trend designer styles in activewear, designed and ethically manufactured in the USA, visit House of Barre today at http://www.houseofbarre.com

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